Hello there. Wow, is it Friday afternoon already? While taking a break, we decided to do a quick Flashback Friday post.

We love this hat! It is called ‘Veda’.

The Veda hat goes waaaaaaaaay back. The scale of this hat is so large you cannot see Hattingdon’s ears!

Veda Hattingdon.

The name? “The name Veda is primarily a gender-neutral name of Indian origin that means Eternal Knowledge”, writes Another baby naming site states that “Veda is a girl’s name of Sanskrit, Hungarian, and Turkish origin. In Sanskrit and Hungarian Veda means ‘knowledge’”.

Well, Hattingdon has plenty of room in her big ol’ Veda hat to stash just about anything, including knowledge. Not sure what’s in her head though, but probably dreaming about a new hat!

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

Hattingdon Horses

A Hatful of Smiles

©Vivian Grant Farrell, creator and designer of Hattingdon Horses.

Flashback Elana

Hello. Hooray! It’s Flashback Friday.

This week we reached deep into our design vault. Amazingly, this hat design was created in late 2007, and had not been given a name. We decided to call it “Elana”.

Elana Hattingdon.

As you can see, it is a colorful fashion hat in shades of bright purple; a luscious, vivid pink; and a gorgeous olive green. Isn’t she lovely?

Here is wishing you all a very lovely weekend.


Hattingdon Horses

©Vivian Grant Farrell