Run for the Roses 2019

The 145th running of the historic Kentucky Derby takes place today, Saturday, May 4th at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Hattingdon’s 1920s inspired Jenny Rose.

The above hat is the one you chose for Hattingdon to wear to this year’s ‘Run for the Roses’. Thank you for your votes and input! Some Fun Facts follow after the hat.

12 Fun Facts about the Kentucky Derby

1. Nineteen winning horses have had names beginning with the letter “S,” including Secretariat, the fastest horse in Kentucky Derby history, who completed the 1973 race in just under two minutes.

2. Only three horses raced in the 1892 Kentucky Derby.

3. The Derby is also referred to as ‘The Run for the Roses’ because the winner is awarded a blanket sewn with over 400 roses post-race. This blanket weighs about 40 lbs.

4. The Kentucky Derby was started by Lewis Clark Jr.—grandson of William Clark, half of the famous explorer duo Lewis and Clark—after he saw England’s Epsom Derby.

5. Legend is that Churchill Downs founder and president Col. M. Lewis Clark made the rose the official flower of the race after attending an 1883 post-derby party where socialite E. Berry Wall was handing the flower out to the ladies in attendance.

6. The Kentucky Derby trophy only weighs 3½ lbs.

7. The traditional drink of the Derby is the mint julep, and over 120,000 are said to be consumed at the race each year.

8. The record low temperature at the race (held on the first week of May every year) was 47 degrees in 1935 and 1957. The record high was 94 degrees in 1959.

9. Only three fillies (female horses) have won the Derby: Regret in 1915, Genuine Risk in 1980, and Winning Colors in 1988.

10. Diane Crump was the first woman jockey to ever ride in the Derby; there has yet to be a female winner, but Shelley Riley came the closest in 1992 when she came in second.

11. The youngest jockey to win the esteemed race, Alonzo “Lonnie” Clayton, was just 15 come derby day in 1892. Bill Shoemaker continues to hold the title as the oldest winner; he was 54 when he took home the 1986 title.

12. Bill Shoemaker has ridden the most Kentucky Derby horses (26) in history.

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses, love, Hattingdon.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

© Vivian J. Grant

Kentucky Oaks time

It’s Kentucky Oaks time, Friday, May 3rd, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. You can see what Hattingdon wore last year above. Remember?

This year Hattingdon — instead of wearing something “sporting” like her Lily top hat — is wearing a gorgeous vintage picture hat. Lovely.

Hattingdon's Lily Picture hat created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
Lily Picture Hat for the 2019 Kentucky Oaks

Oh, let’s take a look at what Hattingdon wore last year too. Remember?

Lily Top Hat made for the 2018 Kentucky Oaks.

Tune in tomorrow to see her Derby Hat. Hugs and kisses and millinery blisses, Hattingdon.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

© Vivian J. Grant.

Spotlight Black & White

Black and white is always a crisp, classic look and this collection is all that. 

We’ve also added some groovy background information on names assigned to our hat designs.


Aimee Hattingdon.

In French Aimee means dearly loved; beloved. From the Old French Amee, which derives from the Latin amatus meaning loved.


Anita cross-band turban in black. Hattingdon Horses.
Anita Hattingdon.

The name Anita first developed as a Spanish diminutive of Ana, ultimately deriving from the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning “grace” or “favour”. Anita is the short form for Anahita, the Iranian water goddess in Avestan (an East Iranian language), and also means kindness and being personable, a leader. Anita is commonly bestowed in the English-speaking world as an independent given name.


Becky Hattingdon.

The name Becky is abbreviation of Rebecca, meaning captivated, or captivating, frequently used as an independent name.


Cadence Hattingdon.

Cadence is a unisex given name derived from an English word meaning “rhythm, flow.”


Chelsea Hattingdon Classic.
Chelsea Hattingdon.

Chelsea was first a place name of Old English origin, and the most common theory of its meaning is chalk landing place, Cealc-hyð = “chalk wharf”. The Synod of Chelsea at Chelchith in 787 is often identified with Chelsea, London; but the first firm record is of a manor at Chelsea just before the Norman conquest.


Darcy Harttingdon Black.
Darcy Hattingdon.

The name Darcy is a girl’s name of French, Irish origin meaning “dark one, or from Arcy, or from the fortress”.


Delores Hattingdon.
Delores Hattingdon.

Delores is a variation of Dolores. The name Dolores is a Spanish baby name. In Spanish the meaning of the name Dolores is: Sorrow. From Maria de los Dolores (the Virgin Mary, or Mary of the Sorrows.


Ellery Hattingdon.


Ginny Hattingdon in black.
Ginny Hattingdon.


Greta Hattingdon.
Greta Hattingdon.

The name Greta is a German baby name. In German the meaning of the name Greta is pearl. Abbreviation of Margaret, also meaning pearl.


Hunter Hattingdon in black.
Hunter Hattingdon Black.


Raven Classic 480
Raven Hattingdon.

In some cases the surname is derived from the Old Norse and Old English personal names already mentioned. The surname also originates from a nickname meaning “raven”, or a thieving person, or a dark-haired person, derived from the Middle English raven.


Roxie Hattingdon.

Roxie is a black and white mod cap featuring a pattern male and female symbols. This is one of Mrs Farrell’s all time favourite hats. She adores it.


Stacy Hattingdon®new for 2019 created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell.
Taylor Hattingdon.

New Classic Hat! Did you notice Classic Hat lovers?


Zara Hattingdon.
Zara Hattingdon.

Zara wears an elegant classic hat in black and white featuring a zebra stripe pattern on the dome.

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

©Vivian J. Grant.

Classically Lauren

Hello. We are so glad you stopped by. It’s time to reveal the latest classic hat created by Mrs Farrell. And it’s a beauty.

Without further ado, here’s Lauren.

Lauren Hattingdon.
Lauren Hattingdon.

We think this hat is a true classic, and well as very classy, and will be around for a very long time. The blue and white is so crisp. That paisley inspired graphic Mrs Farrell made. We love it!

Come back and see us soon.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

©Vivian J Grant.

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