Get Over It Day

“On National Get Over It Day, March 9, people everywhere are encouraged to self-reflect and move on from whatever it is that’s weighing on them.

Created by Jeff Goldblatt — an entrepreneur who was having trouble getting over an ex-girlfriend, the day has its roots in failed romance — something that’s very challenging to get over! Realizing his pain was relatable, Goldblatt made a website and posted a poem. The rest, as they say, is history (the relationship included).

Today, let’s take some time to self-reflect, figure out what’s weighing us down, and decide that the past should live in the past. Let’s get started and get over it!”

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We selected the Amani design which is colorful and fun, and a sure smile maker.


The name Amani refers to “peace” in Swahili and “wishes” in Arabic. It can also mean desires; aspirations.

Best wishes to you.

With love, Hattingdon & Co.

H&Co in Hattingdon brown.

“A Hatful of Smiles”

National Book Lovers Day

In honor of National Book Lovers Day August 9, we put away our smartphones, pull out a good book and simply read. (Audiobooks are okay too.)

Here’s Hattingdon to get us in the mood.

Dewey Hattingdon.

Books are the purest form of escapism. They can take you to any time, any place, or any culture.

From clay tablets to today’s eBooks, literature has played a crucial role in preserving cultures, educating the masses, and storytelling.

Thanks to Johannes Gutenberg’s 15th-century printing press, anyone, not just royalty, monks or landed gentry, could read and own books. But, alas, there was no overnight shipping.

Today, join a book club or re-read a favorite novel because National Book Lovers Day rocks! More »


The Dewey Decimal Classification, colloquially known as the Dewey Decimal System, is a proprietary library classification system which allows new books to be added to a library in their appropriate location based on subject. It was first published in the United States by Melvil Dewey in 1876.

“Dewey” Hattingdon (seen above) is named in honor of the Dewey Decimal System.

See you again soon.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

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Nat’l Watermelon Day

There’s nothing like beating the heat with summertime’s most refreshing fruit — watermelon. On August 3, we celebrate this ancient berry in a feast of juicy deliciousness—otherwise known as National Watermelon Day. Hattingdon has the perfect hat . . . . naturally. Here it is.

Melonie Hattingdon.

People have been digging into this tasty, juicy fruit for millennia and it all started in Ancient Egypt. It’s said that watermelon cultivation began in the Nile Valley as early as the second millennium B.C. Watermelon seeds were even found in King Tut’s tomb!

According to “The Dictionary of American Food and Drink” by John Mariani, the word ‘watermelon’ first appeared in the English dictionary in 1615.

Love ya. See you again here soon.

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Lollipop Day

In 1908, candy maker George Smith created the first modern lollipop. According to his memoirs, he named the treat after his favorite racehorse: Lolly Pop.

National Lollipop Day is celebrated each year on July 20, and is the perfect day to celebrate hard candy, sweet treats, and being a kid.

Well, Hattingdon does not have a lollipop hat per se. BUT she does have a very pretty classic hat where a lollipop is featured. We named the design Melanie but no one around here calls it that — they call it the Lollipop hat. So we are sticking with it.

Melanie Hattingdon classic hat featuring a coordinating lollypop.
Melanie Classic Hat.

Isn’t she sweet?

History of the Lollipop

Jon Price, writing for, states, “The first incarnation of the lollipop was probably created by cave people thousands of years ago who collected honey from beehives with a stick. Not wanting to waste the sweet nectar, they most likely licked the stick, thus inventing the world’s first lollipop. Good for them (good for us). “

“Archaeologists believe that ancient Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians all produced fruit and nut confections that they ‘candied’ in honey, which serves as a preservative, and inserted sticks into to make easier to eat.”

What kind of lollipop are you celebrating with today?

Bye for now!

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Happy National Cheeseburger Day

Yes, September 18th, National Cheeseburger Day, is nearly over, but we can still have fun. Here is the design that Hattingdon is wearing to celebrate the day. Meet Wendy.


Doesn’t Hattingdon’s hat look tasty and just right for the day?

It’s not too late to celebrate. Almost all the fast food chains are still having cheeseburger specials.

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses.

P.S. Can you believe our last post was in July 2020? Hopefully we will do much, much better in future.

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