Happy Mad Hatter Day

October 6th is a day set aside each year to bring out our silly side while celebrating National Mad Hatter Day.

Hattingdon loves wearing silly hats. In honor of Mad Hatter Day, here she is modeling the hat made especially for this day.

Midge Mad Hatter Hat 2016. Featured Image.
Midge Hattingdon.

The fictional character, The Hatter (also known as The Mad Hatter) from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is typically acting silly, and that is how the creators of this day decided on their theme of silliness for National Mad Hatter Day. Sir John Tenniel illustrated The Mad Hatter and all of Lewis Carroll’s colorful characters beginning in 1864. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1865.

The phrase “mad as a hatter” comes from the late 18th and early 19th centuries when haberdasheries used mercury nitrate. The exposure to this metal over time caused the tradesmen to develop symptoms making people believe they were mad.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

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Updated 10.08.22