Hope you had a fun Halloween. Here is what Hattingdon chose to wear. It’s brand new!


A bat and a hat modeled on Egyptian headwear. What a combination . . . . and how fun!

See you again here soon.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

By © Vivian J. Grant

In a Flash

by Staff

Hello there Hattingdonians. We can hardly wait for Halloween, can you? Especially love the goodies, the parties and fresh crisp air. And dressing up!

Vivian has already made Hattingdon’s costume for the day itself. It is so fun, and brand spanking new.

Look at this. Isn’t it “flash?”


A “hatful of smiles” from us to you.

Love, Hattingdon & Co.

H&Co logo in Hattingdon brown.

© Vivian J. Grant , creator and designer of Hattingdon Horses.