Yellow Hat Parade Day 6

Hello there and how are you? Who has been here for every day of our Yellow Hat Parade? Have you been smiling a lot and having fun? That is what Hattingdon is made to do.

We close our yellow hat parade with a very recent hat. It is called “Bobbie”. Very mod and very cute. We are all huge fans of this one.

Bobbie Hattingdon in a bright yellow mod cap. © Vivian J Grant.

See it in more colors here »

Hattingdon certainly has a diverse collection of hats, doesn’t she? Vivian just keeps on going — making everything from a medieval inspired topper to a pop art cap! What will Hattingdon be wearing next?

See you here again soon. Thank you for visiting with us.

Hattingdon Horses

Cartoon Horses with “Hattitude”