Red Shoe Day

In “Well Dressed. Well Said. Well Read.”, its author Heather writes the following about Red Shoe Day:

“Red Shoe Day is actually a day of remembrance where those who suffer and/or pass away from invisible illnesses are recognized.”

“The day was created in remembrance of Theda Myint, who died of Lyme disease, but it has since been expanded to include all illnesses that don’t exhibit obvious physical symptoms.”

“For me, that includes mental illness. As a lifelong sufferer of depression, I can attest only too well to the stigma and struggle of battling an invisible illness. So on this day I will proudly wear my red shoes in solidarity with the countless others who struggle as well.”

How about a hat?

We were determined to support Red Shoe Day. But how could we besides wearing red shoes — which we, and our staff and families and friends, are doing.

Hattingdon is of course a hat wearing cartoon horse. So the challenge was to create a Hattingdon, in some way shape or form, wearing a red shoe to help draw attention to this issue. Vivian chose a red stiletto — not knowing how in the world she was going to make a hat out of it.

“My dear colleagues (ahem) reckoned that even I could not make a hat for Hattingdon from a red stiletto,” says Vivian. The challenge was accepted. And met. “They will be singing from that Beatles song I shoulda known better with a girl like you. That I would love everything that you do. And I do. Hey hey hey. And I do.”

Vivian named the design . . . . Theda. Here is the hat.


Is this, or is this not, crazy and wonderful? Now that should grab some attention! Which is what we want — to draw attention and raise awareness for Red Shoe Day / International Red Shoe Day. We have agreed that you can download the image and share it on social media using the hashtags listed below — in support of this important cause. Thank you!

Red stilettos featured image for red shoe day post.

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Red Shoe Day and International Red Shoe Day, July 25th, since 2013.

Founded by Global Lyme & Invisible Illness Organization

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