Vivian’s Fave Hats: Letter I

Hello there and welcome.

When Vivian went to select hats for this post she was astonished to find that we did not have a single hat beginning with the letter “I”. She had to address that right away.

Vivian created two brand new hats! She named the classic hat Ivy and the fashion hat Ilona.

Classic Hat

Ivy Hattingdon.

What a lovely hat. Look at this one!

Fashion Hat

Ilona Hattingdon
Ilona Hattingdon.

What do you think? Isn’t she a doll? It has a Roaring 20’s sort of vibe going on doesn’t it?

And the name Ilona? Wikipedia (the fount of all knowledge) states:

‘Ilona is a common name in Finland, where it is considered to refer to the Finnish word ilo (“joy”) and ilona literally means “as a joy [to someone]”. It is also common in Latvia, Estonia, France, Lithuania and Poland (formerly in crown union with Hungary).’

Bye for now. See you again soon.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

Created by ©Vivian J Grant. All Rights Reserved.


by Hattingdon Staff

Mrs Farrell, the creator of Hattingdon® Horses, has made many, many hats for the popular cartoon equines over the years — hundreds of them. Amazingly she never seems to run out of ideas. The ones that are shall we say — a bit “extraordinary” — always seem to be her favourites. Here is an example.

At the beginning of last year, Farrell opened Photoshop, selected one of her basic templates, and began adding layers of lines and boxes and rectangles until she had what you see below.

Kimora Hattingdon.

It has a sort of Deco / Japanese flavor to it, doesn’t it?

See you again soon!

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

©Vivian Grant Farrell, the owner and creator of Hattingdon® Horses.