Top Ten Black Hats

All colors are amazing, but black is exceptional and distinctive. Black is powerful, and adds class and elegance. Here are your top ten favorite Hattingdon hats in black.

1. Anita


2. Greta Classic


3. Roxie


4. Delores

Delores Hattingdon.

5. Kimora

Hattingdon wears a Japanese and art deco inspired black and white headdress.

6. Zara Classic


7. Lumina

Lumina Black.

8. Trill


9. Becky Classic

Becky Hattingdon Classic Hat

10. Nikita


So . . . . what do you think? We think it is a pretty terrific collection of hats you picked out. Thank you everyone who took part.

That just about wraps it up. Oh. Wait.


Skylar received a lot of mentions and votes — especially her social media scarf. However, Skylar is out of this competition on a “technicality” — she wears a tied on scarf; not a hat. That is why she was not included in the voting.

To make it up to you, and as a special gift to all of you who love Skylar, here is something you have wanted for a long time. The Skylar social media scarf in black. The shades are a deep, vibrant yellow. So pretty.

Skylar Black.

By Hattingdon Staff

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Top 10 classic hats of all time

After about a year or two of making hats for Hattingdon, Mrs Farrell created a basic hat silhouette and began designing for it. It came to be called the “classic hat.” They were immediately popular, building up a large and dedicated fanbase that is still going strong today, more than a dozen years later.

As voted by the Hattingdon Classic Hat Club, in reverse order, here are their top ten favourite classic hats of all time.

10. Savannah

Savannah Hattingdon Classic Hat

9. Greta

Greta Hattingdon Classic Hat

8. Genevieve


7. Cherie


6. Lauren

Lauren Classic Hat

6. April

April Hattingdon Classic Hat

4. Aspen

Hattingdon modeling her Aspen classic hat.

3. Candie


2. Zara


Drum roll please! And the winner is . . . .

1. Eden


The Hattingdon Classic Hat Club also voted (without our asking them — this is a rowdy crowd!) on their favourite Classic Hat for Christmas.

They have done a good job.


Peppermint Hattingdon Classic Hat.

Thank you for stopping by here with us, and come back soon!

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Most popular hats U thru Z

by Hattingdon Staff

Hello, and welcome back to the final chapter of the most popular Hattingdon hats beginning with the letters A thru Z. We have arrived at the final grouping.

Hattingdon has no hats named with the letter U. She has a hat called “Viveca.” Viveca is however a classic hat. By the way, the classic hats — which many of you love and treasure — will be having a countdown of their very own soon. Look for the voting procedure in your inbox.

Back to our finale. Nor does Hattingdon has any hats beginning with letter X, but she does have hats beginning with the letters W, Y and Z. The final winning hats are . . . .

— W —

Whitney Hattingdon.
Whitney 2019.

— Y —

Yvette Hattingdon
Zsa Zsa.

We hope Hattingdon and her many hats have given you a “Hatful of Smile”‘.

Bye for now!

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Most popular hats from P thru T

by Hattingdon Staff

We are close to the final lap. Let’s get right to it.

— P —

Pippa Hattingdon in pure red.

— Q —

Star Hattingdon.

— R —

Roxie Hattingdon.

— T —


Star Hattingdon was the most popular Hattingdon horse for many years, taking over Curtis’ reign …. for awhile.

We only have U through Z to go. You know there are Hattingdon horses beginning with the letter Z. What about U, V, W, X and Y? Viveca comes to mind for the letter V. The ones left will have little competition. Or will they? Hmmm.


Now that we have completed all of the posts, here are handy links to them all.

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Most popular hats K thru O

by Hattingdon Staff

How are you doing? Have you guessed any of the “winning” hats, a few of them, most of them… none of them? Are you liking what you see? We are a bit surprised, but we are liking it.

Well then, let’s get on with the next group of winning hat designs. Look who it is! Santa!

— K —

Hattingdon models her Santa suit inspired hat.

— L —

Lois sweetheart hat in stripes of grape purple, kiwi green and tangerine.

— M —


— N —


— O —

Olivia Hattingdon-Gray

We all knew… ALL knew… that Marcus would be here. He is so fine. We are happy to see a Christmas hat, well, there are actually two, on the list.

Then there’s Olivia. Olivia is hugely popular. One of our most popular ever.

Hope you are having much fun as we are. We are really into it now . . . are you?

We will finish up with hats P thru T, and U thru Z tomorrow.

See you then. Always wishing you a ‘Hatful of Smiles’.


Now that we have completed all of the posts, here are handy links to them all.

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Most popular hats from F thru J

by Hattingdon Staff

You have seen the most popular Hattingdon hats from A through E. Now you will see the next grouping with your favourite hats beginning with the letters F thru J.

Who’s first?

— F —

Hattingdon her grey Filamena hat. Electric!
Filamena Grey.

— G —

Got Treats?

— H —


— I —

Ingrid Hattingdon in tan and red.

Harper is the 2nd ever Hattingdon designed by Mrs Farrell, on the heels of her creation of Curtis the 1st.

Ingrid is the only Hattingdon hat beginning with the letter “I”, named after Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Jojo just squeaked into 1st place, with the Jenny Rose Slice hot on her heels.

Was this NFL fans versus Kentucky Derby fans? Hmmmm. No matter. Because it was so very, very close and it is such a stunner, let’s see it too.

Jenny Rose Slice. Created for Hattingdon at the 2018 Kentucky Derby.
Jenny Rose Slice.

See you again real soon with more winning hats worn by our lovely Hattingdon.


Now that we have completed all of the posts, here are handy links to them all.

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