Mrs Farrell created a new hat silhouette in numerous colorways and color combinations. She named it Collette. Here are a few examples. Enjoy!

Collette Hattingdon in Pink
Collette Hattingdon in Yellow
Collette Hattingdon in Blue
Collette Hattingdon in Orange
Collette Hattingdon in Grey and Black
Collette Hattingdon in Purple

We especially love the yellow, grey and black, and two-tone orange. Oh, and the pink too . . . . sigh, all of them really. Aren’t they sweet?

Come back and see us again soon.

Love, Hattingdon Horses. Bringing you a “Hatful of Smiles”.

Hattingdon Horses

©Vivian Grant Farrell

Most popular hats from A to E

by Hattingdon Staff

Hello there and welcome. Good to see you.

We were asked and agreed to see what the most popular Hattingdon hats are from A to Z. We judged it by sales and social media interest.

There are way too many for one post so we are breaking it down into sections of no more than five designs per post.

Have you guessed which hats are the most popular starting with letters A through E? Let’s see. Here they are.

— A —


— B —

Belle Hattingdon.

— C —

Curtis the First.

— D —

Dolly Hattingdon

— E —

Edison Bowler Hat and Gold Lightbulbs. Hattingdon Horses Collection by ©Vivian Farrell.
Edison Gold.

There you have it. The first five. Are they what you expected?

By the way, to those of you new to Hattingdon Horses, Curtis is the first ever Hattingdon Vivian created. Curtis is also the #1 selling Hattingdon design of all time. Belle is the second most popular.

Isn’t this a great start?

Next up, we have Hattingdon lovers’ all time favourite and top selling designs beginning with letters F through J.

See you then!


Now that we have completed all of the posts, here are handy links to them all.

A —E | F — J | K — O | P — T | U — Z

Hattingdon Horses®

©Vivian Grant Farrell, creator of Hattingdon Horses.

What happened to the Countdown?

by Hattingdon Staff

Hi there from Hattingdon & Co.

We did put the Countdown together and scheduled the posts for Monday through Friday of this week, but somewhere along the way no one hit the publish button!

We will get to it now, and stagger the posts throughout the day until we have published Monday through Thursday. We will then publish the final set of hats tomorrow, on Friday.

BUT we do have a surprise before we begin. It is a lovely, every so chic hat that Hattingdon was going to wear to the Kentucky Oaks. She was so disappointed she couldn’t go, and then forgot all about it. We did too. Do you think we are wearing our hats too tight? Hahahaha. Never mind. Look!


See you again in a bit.

Hattingdon Horses®

Hattingdon’s new look fedoras

by Mrs Farrell

We have added four new fedoras to Hattingdon’s hat collection. They differ a little from her earlier fedoras. Have you noticed? It is the size and shape of the brim. We love the way she has dipped the brim imitating Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca — hence the name.

The colours are gorgeous and Hattingdon looks absolutely smashing, don’t you think?

Ingrid Hattingdon in tan and red.
The Ingrid fedora in taupe and red.
Ingrid Hattingdon in deep green with a black hatband.
The Ingrid fedora in forest green and black hatband.
Hattingdon modeling the Ingrid fedora in grey and black.
The Ingrid fedora in grey with black hatband.
The Ingrid fedora in beautiful two-tone blue.

We think she looks absolutely fedor-able, and hope she brings you a “hatful of smiles.”

Thank you for stopping by and come back and see us again soon.

Hattingdon Horses®

©Vivian Grant Farrell, creator, designer and owner of Hattingdon Horses.