August 5th is Nat’l Blogger Day

Wow. It’s Nat’l Blogger Day today, but what to blog about? How about Hattingdon’s beginning, and the first two Hattingdon cartoon horses Vivian ever created?

It was a dark and stormy night . . . . Ha, ha, ha! Just kidding.

It was late December, and Vivian was still in Washington DC lobbying on behalf of horses, waiting for Congress to adjourn for the Christmas holidays so she could go home. Everybody else in her organization had already gone, so she was on her own.

To pass the time, she got on her computer and started layering shapes, until she had what you see below — her very first ever cartoon horse. She named him Curtis.

Curtis Hattingdon.
Curtis Hattingdon.

She put Curtis on a t-shirt to raise money and help defray lobbying expenses, plus be able to rescue, rehabilitate and find good homes for horses in need. Curtis was a wonderful success.

The following Spring, Vivian made another cartoon horse — this time a lady. Her hat was inspired by the fashions of the Paris runway. Vivian named the new addition Harper.

Harper Hattingdon
Harper Hattingdon.

She wondered, what if her creations became a series — what in the world was she going to call them? The one thing Vivian knew for sure is that she wanted the word “hat” somewhere in the name. Nothing came to mind.

Then one day, lo and behold, when she was not even thinking about it, the name popped into her head . . . . Hattingdon. So she named her cartoon series Hattingdon Horses.

Not long after, she created Hattingdon’s first blog. And that, as they say, is history!

About Nat’l Blogger Day

Nat’l Today writes:

“Blogger Day is celebrated on August 5 every year. This day celebrates one of the most popular platforms in the world, Blogger. Anyone who has ever created a blog before has most likely used Blogger. This platform allows people to express themselves for either personal or commercial reasons.

“Some bloggers use blogs to disseminate information and it has been a very good way to consume news ranging from politics to sports, technology, lifestyle, and a host of other topics.

“This day should be well celebrated, especially by the blogging community as it celebrates one of the platforms that contribute to our freedom of speech.”

Thank you for spending time with us.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

© Vivian J Grant. All Rights Reserved.


Hello and welcome. We have a lovely classic hat for you this Monday. The Viveca hat. It is very snazzy and at the same time elegant — with a little touch of “the wild”.

Viveca Hattingdon
Viveca Hattingdon.

The name

Hattingdon creator Vivian chose the name Viveca (also spelled Viveka) for this simply because she likes the sound of it. The name has an interesting background. Here is a bit of it.

Appellation Mountain writes:

It’s a Vivi name, just like all of the forms of Vivian.
• Viveka hits the sweet spot, right between feminine and frilly.
• While the name is rare, it is real rather than invented.
• With roots in Swedish and Sanskrit, it’s undeniably a culture-spanning choice.

The name Viveca is a girl’s name of Scandinavian origin meaning “alive, life; place of refuge”, tells us.

The renowned Swedish actress named Viveca Lindfors was a notable bearer of this name. Famous people named Viveca include Viveca Lindfors, a Finnish figure skater and Viveca Sten, a Swedish novelist. Viveca was also a character’s name in the movie ‘Barbie And The Three Musketeers’.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

© Vivian J. Grant

Social media overhaul


My how fast things change, and how very little stays the same in that vast arena! But most of all — how time consuming. So we have made a lot of changes after having loads of meetings and considering boatloads of different ideas and opinions. Now that the dust has settled, here’s where we are . . . . and aren’t!

Skylar Hattingdon Social Media Scarf and Shades.
Skylar Hattingdon.

We are streamlining everything these days at Hattingdon® HQ. One of our latest adventures has been in the area of social media.

Twitter @hattingdon

Hattingdon was on Twitter for ages. Then she went quiet. Now she’s back. It will take a bit of time to build her following up again.

If you are on Twitter you can follow her @hattingdon. Find her tweet page at .

If you have any ideas or suggestions (yes, we feel we can always use more) email us at hattingdon at Or use our Contact Form. Thank you!

— UPDATE: We lost our Twitter person during the pandemic. We will try to back there soon.

The remains of the day

Here’s the social media platforms where Hattingdon® remains:

• Instagram @hattingdon »

• Website at where there’s loads to view and do — and where all her design galleries now reside »

• Blog Hattingdon on WordPress »

• Twitter @hattingdon »


Hattingdon® is no longer on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ (which is no more).

So we should be a lean, mean fighting machine ready to deliver a Hatful of Smiles™ to more people, more often, in an improved manner.

Hugs and kisses and millinery blisses.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

©Vivian J. Grant.