Get Over It Day

“On National Get Over It Day, March 9, people everywhere are encouraged to self-reflect and move on from whatever it is that’s weighing on them.

Created by Jeff Goldblatt — an entrepreneur who was having trouble getting over an ex-girlfriend, the day has its roots in failed romance — something that’s very challenging to get over! Realizing his pain was relatable, Goldblatt made a website and posted a poem. The rest, as they say, is history (the relationship included).

Today, let’s take some time to self-reflect, figure out what’s weighing us down, and decide that the past should live in the past. Let’s get started and get over it!”

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We selected the Amani design which is colorful and fun, and a sure smile maker.


The name Amani refers to “peace” in Swahili and “wishes” in Arabic. It can also mean desires; aspirations.

Best wishes to you.

With love, Hattingdon & Co.

H&Co in Hattingdon brown.

“A Hatful of Smiles”


Hattingdon loves wearing ballcaps. This may be her favorite. The “Amani” ballcap.

Amani Hattingdon

The name Amani is from the Swahili — meaning peace. It also means “wishes” in Arabic.

Additionally, Amani is also a place on the island of Chios, in Greece.

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

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Updated 4.4.22