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We at Hattingdon® Horses (“Hattingdon”) really do not expect anything but fun comments here, still there is no predicting who will show up and what they might say.

We are told that in fairness we should post some guidelines, so in the spirit of that recommendation we provide the following.

Comment Policy

Hattingdon welcomes comments from readers, but in the interest of keeping things as civil and focused as possible, we have a few simple rules for commenters:

1. While we do not expect commenters to use their real names, comments posted from behind proxy servers will not be approved. If you can’t comment without hiding behind a proxy server, then you won’t be commenting here.

2. We will never censor comments based on the political or ideological point of view they espouse. However, we reserve the right to moderate, edit, or delete any comments that are abusive, libelous, off-topic, use excessive foul language, or that are indecent.

3. If a commenter posts comments that are abusive, libelous, off-topic, uses excessive foul language, or that are indecent, we reserve the right to remove the comments and/or ban the commenter’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.

4. All first-time comments are moderated before they’re posted, and we reserve the right to moderate any comments or commenters that are abusive, libelous, off-topic, use excessive foul language, or that are indecent.

5. If a specific commenter engages in a pattern of abusive, libelous, or off topic comments, said commenter will be given one warning. If the behaviors continue, that commenter will then be prohibited from posting comments in the future.

6. Comments made in all caps will be removed.

7. Hattingdon is not responsible for the content of any comments posted by visitors or guests to, or any associated web pages. Responsibility for the content of comments belongs to the commenter alone.

If you have any questions regarding Hattingdon’s comment policy, please fee free to contact us.


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