On Target with Robin


Hello there! We are staying with the classic hat silhouette for a bit since the classic hat countdown brought such a lot of new interest.

Who remembers this classic hat?

Robin 2017

Robin Hattingdon 2017
Robin 2017.

Robin 2018

Here is Robin 2018 in blue and red.

Robin 2018 in Blue.
Robin 2018 in Red.

Can’t you just see some of these designs on merchandise and sold at Target? How cool would that be? Alas, it’s all just a bit of fun. We thought you might get a kick out of seeing it, though. Which one(s) would you pick?

Hattingdon & Co

©Vivian Grant Farrell, creator of and designer for Hattingdon Horses.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “Fifth of May”) is a yearly celebration held on May 5, which commemorates the anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, led by General Ignacio Zaragoza.

More popular in the United States than Mexico, Cinco de Mayo has become associated with the celebration of Mexican-American culture.

Fiesta Hattingdon.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations began in California, where they have been observed annually since 1863.

The day gained nationwide popularity beyond those of Mexican-American heritage in the 1980s due to advertising campaigns by beer, wine, and tequila companies; today, Cinco de Mayo generates beer sales on par with the Super Bowl.

Hattingdon Horses

“A Hatful of Smiles”

Created by © Vivian Grant Farrell

Lainie Argyle ballcaps

Argyle is an archaic spelling of Argyll, a county in western Scotland.

The argyle pattern is made of varicolored diamonds in solid and outline shapes on a single background color.


Hattingdon has the cutest argyle ballcaps. The design name is Lainie. Here it is in four colorways.

Lainie Hattingdon in black, red and tan. ©Vivian Grant.
Lainie Hattingdon in red, black and tan.

Lainie Hattingdon in blue. ©Vivian Grant.

Lainie Hattingdon in pink. ©Vivian Grant.
Lainie Hattingdon in pink. ©Vivian Grant.

Lainie Hattingdon in green. ©Vivian Grant.
Lainie Hattingdon in green. ©Vivian Grant.


Argyle’s creator

PRINGLE of Scotland write:

The famous argyle pattern was created by Pringle in Scotland more than 200 years ago.

An instantly recognisable design thanks to its distinctive diamond motif, Argyle was originally derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in western Scotland. The tartan would have featured on kilts, plaids and pattern socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century.

During the early twentieth century Pringle introduced the intarsia design that became its signature ‘Argyle’ pattern. It was adopted by the Duke of Windsor and became immediately popular with the fashionable set of the 1920s. Its success led it to be much-copied and often-referenced, and today is considered an icon of British knitwear heritage.

The iconic patterns of our classic Argyle are still relevant and wearable today. We celebrate argyle’s amazing achievement by incorporating the styles, moments and people who have made it what it is today. Argyle knows no boundaries, It’s been worn by royals and rebels, by sophisticates and sports fans, by grandads and granddaughters, dressed up and dressed down, it stood the test of time and it runs through our DNA.

P.S. Mark this date. National Argyle Day, January 8, 2023.

Hattingdon Horses

“A Hatful of Smiles”

Created by © Vivian Grant Farrell

Becky Classic

Black and white are, strictly speaking, not colours. However, light and dark play a major role in art and design and have various symbolic meanings.

In many cultures, white is seen as the colour of innocence and virginity, purity, loyalty and peace. In the West, white clothing and decoration are symbolic of the joy around births, baptisms and weddings. The colour is also associated with women as virgins, mothers and caregivers.

‘Colours are wavelengths reflected by objects to the human eye.
White is pure light and black is the absence of light’

Black has different associations across cultures and religions: death, mystery and the darker side of human nature but also power, nobility and prestige.

Hattingdon’s “Becky” Hat in Black and White

Opposites attract. In the case of black and white, contrast creates completion. The convergence of black and white (more so than any other color combination) is an example of how two divergent colors communicate more powerfully together than they do on their own.

Happy Classic Hat Monday!

Hattingdon Horses

“A Hatful of Smiles”

©Vivian Grant Farrell

Happy Birthday Marshawn Lynch

Today, April 22nd, is superstar NFL running back and entrepreneur Marshawn Lynch’s birthday.

Hattingdon Horse creator Vivian Farrell adores Mr Lynch — as an athlete and as a person — so much so that in 2012 she created a cartoon hat in his honour. Mr Lynch also goes by “Money Lynch” (@MoneyLynch on social media), and the inspiration for the design.

Marcus Hattingdon Money Ballcap.

Marshawn Lynch. That dimple. That smile!

Happy Birthday Marshawn Lynch. Wishing you a most wonderful day.

Hattingdon Horses

Created by ©Vivian Grant Farrell

Jenny Rose 2022

We are working on a hat for this year’s Kentucky Derby and believe we are on the right track — so to speak (wink !)— for something really special. We will unveil it when the Run for the Roses is upon us.

In the meantime, here is a festive hat for Hattingdon to wear to pre-Derby festivities requiring a hat, such as luncheons. This hat is just right, don’t you think?

Jenny Rose 2022 Fascinator.

Love love love it. This is so fun. Hope it brings you a “hatful of smiles”.

Hattingdon Horses

©Vivian Grant Farrell