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Hattingdon Horses® are hat wearing, smile making cartoon horses with hat-titude.

The first Hattingdon was designed by the series’ sole creator and designer, Vivian Grant, during the 2007 Christmas holidays in Washington, D.C. where she was lobbying on behalf of horses.

Another one of her jobs at her horse protection non-profit was to create content for its Gift Shop. Staff urged Vivian to create something for kids — our younger audience.

She had no idea what to do at first. Then it suddenly popped into her head. Why not see if she could create a cartoon horse of some kind? So she went to her computer and began experimenting. This went on for some time. Then at long, long last, it came good.

Curtis the First

Curtis was born and an instant hit — with everyone of all ages.

Curtis the First. ©Vivian J Grant.


On the heels of Curtis’ success, she was urged to create one “for the girls”. Vivian decided to try her hand at a fashion hat. Not long thereafter Harper was “born” and another huge hit.

Harper the Second. ©Vivian J Grant.

Just the Beginning

Since 2007, Vivian has created hundreds of hats for the Hattingdon® family. How does she keep track of them all? She gives each hat its own, unique name.

Top Sellers

While Curtis and Harper are still highly beloved, the highest selling Hattingdon of all time is Belle.

Belle Hattingdon.

Belle was inspired by Vivian’s current hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, hence the fleur de lis. Liverpool, England is her place of birth. She lived many years in Houston, and in New York City.

Hugs and kisses, and millinery blisses.


Hattingdon Horses

Cartoon Horses with Hattitude!

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Last updated March 3, 2023