Dee Dee Classic

Vivian created a brand new classic hat for Hattingdon. She named the design Dee Dee. It has a definite equestrian flair, and very chic (if we do say so ourselves).

Dee Dee.

Equestrian style will always be a classic design tradition.

“In many ways the world of the horse constitutes the epitome of social decorum, not only in the age of chivalry . . . but in our own time as well, when forms of dress traditionally associated with equestrian activity . . . are considered appropriately stylish for those who have never sat upon a horse.” — Man and the Horse: An Illustrated History of Equestrian Apparel, Mackay-Smith, Druesdow and Ryder (1984).

By Stefania Evans; May 4, 2018; »

Hattingdon & Co in Hattingdon's signature brown.

“A Hatful of Smiles”

Updated 03/17/23

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