Valentine hats

Greetings and salutations.

Two images spring to mind when we think of February 14th, Valentine’s Day, a day that love and romance are traditionally celebrated with hearts and red roses.

We have chosen two hats that fulfill the occasion beautifully: a red and white classic hat featuring hearts, and a new red roses fashion hat from the Jenny Rose Collection.

Hallie Hattingdon.
Hallie Classic.

And here is Hattingdon in all her glory, in her brand new Jenny Rose Top Hat.

Jenny Rose Top Hat. ©Vivian J Grant.
Jenny Rose Top Hat.

Doesn’t Hattingdon look absolutely darling? So fun.

Hugs and kisses and millinery blisses! Hattingdon & Co.

H&Co in Hattingdon brown.

“A Hatful of Smiles”

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