Vivian’s Fave Hats: Letter O

We did not have a single classic hat whose name begins with the letter “O”, and only one fashion hat!

Classic Hat

Vivian created a lovely classic hat in the colors of sand and sea, and named it Ocean. Sweet. By the way, we got the name Ocean from a baby names website! Here she is.

Ocean Hattingdon.


Vivian created a fashion hat some years ago, around 2018 or 2019, and named it Olivia. The Olivia hat comes in both gray and tan. We elected to show the gray. Here she is.

Olivia Hattingdon.

We love doing this, but have had a lot of surprises. One issue that did not occur to us at the beginning is that we would have some letters in the alphabet not represented. So Vivian has had to create some additional hats along the way. See you again soon.

H&Co in Hattingdon brown.

“A Hatful of Smiles”

Updated Jan. 23, 2023

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