Classic Genevieve

Hello again and welcome.

We missed Classic Hat Monday but that does not mean we are missing out on a classic hat this week. No siree Bob.

This hat was a mega hit when it was released. Vivian named the hat “Genevieve”. She loves stripes, and this hat also features her favourite colours.

Genevieve Hattingdon of Hattingdon Horses. ©Vivian Grant.
Genevieve Hattingdon.

We had a crazy start to the week. You know what that can be like. It is so nice to be able exhale and get back into our usual groove.

Oh, by the way. Here is where the expression ‘no siree Bob’ comes from. “It is an interjection (US, colloquial) meaning definitely not; no way.” (Source)

There is also of course, ‘yessiree Bob’. Its history is a bit more involved.

‘Yessiree Bob’ comes from “Yes sir!” The “ee” added to the end of “sir” is an exclamation of informality, positivity, and excitement. During the mid-19th century, “Bob” was used as a euphemism for “God,” as in “So help me, Bob!” According to Google N-grams the idiom came into substantial use towards the end of the 19th century.’ (Source)

We admit it. We had not heard of Google N-grams. We need to get out more. Wink. Bye for now!

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

by © Vivian J Grant. All Rights Reserved.

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