Most popular hats K thru O

by Hattingdon Staff

How are you doing? Have you guessed any of the “winning” hats, a few of them, most of them… none of them? Are you liking what you see? We are a bit surprised, but we are liking it.

Well then, let’s get on with the next group of winning hat designs. Look who it is! Santa!

— K —

Hattingdon models her Santa suit inspired hat.

— L —

Lois sweetheart hat in stripes of grape purple, kiwi green and tangerine.

— M —


— N —


— O —

Olivia Hattingdon-Gray

We all knew… ALL knew… that Marcus would be here. He is so fine. We are happy to see a Christmas hat, well, there are actually two, on the list.

Then there’s Olivia. Olivia is hugely popular. One of our most popular ever.

Hope you are having much fun as we are. We are really into it now . . . are you?

We will finish up with hats P thru T, and U thru Z tomorrow.

See you then. Always wishing you a ‘Hatful of Smiles’.


Now that we have completed all of the posts, here are handy links to them all.

A —E | F — J | K — O | P — T | U — Z

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

© Vivian J. Grant.

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