Most popular hats from F thru J

by Hattingdon Staff

You have seen the most popular Hattingdon hats from A through E. Now you will see the next grouping with your favourite hats beginning with the letters F thru J.

Who’s first?

— F —

Hattingdon her grey Filamena hat. Electric!
Filamena Grey.

— G —

Got Treats?

— H —


— I —

Ingrid Hattingdon in tan and red.

Harper is the 2nd ever Hattingdon designed by Mrs Farrell, on the heels of her creation of Curtis the 1st.

Ingrid is the only Hattingdon hat beginning with the letter “I”, named after Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Jojo just squeaked into 1st place, with the Jenny Rose Slice hot on her heels.

Was this NFL fans versus Kentucky Derby fans? Hmmmm. No matter. Because it was so very, very close and it is such a stunner, let’s see it too.

Jenny Rose Slice. Created for Hattingdon at the 2018 Kentucky Derby.
Jenny Rose Slice.

See you again real soon with more winning hats worn by our lovely Hattingdon.


Now that we have completed all of the posts, here are handy links to them all.

A —E | F — J | K — O | P — T | U — Z

Hattingdon H Logo in her signature brown.

© Vivian J. Grant.

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