Hattingdon’s new look fedoras

by Mrs Farrell

We have added four new fedoras to Hattingdon’s hat collection. They differ a little from her earlier fedoras. Have you noticed? It is the size and shape of the brim. We love the way she has dipped the brim imitating Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca — hence the name.

The colours are gorgeous and Hattingdon looks absolutely smashing, don’t you think?

Ingrid Hattingdon in tan and red.
The Ingrid fedora in taupe and red.
Ingrid Hattingdon in deep green with a black hatband.
The Ingrid fedora in forest green and black hatband.
Hattingdon modeling the Ingrid fedora in grey and black.
The Ingrid fedora in grey with black hatband.
The Ingrid fedora in beautiful two-tone blue.

We think she looks absolutely fedor-able, and hope she brings you a “hatful of smiles.”

Thank you for stopping by and come back and see us again soon.

Hattingdon Horses®

©Vivian Grant Farrell, creator, designer and owner of Hattingdon Horses.

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