Hats and Galleries Galore


Hey there, ho there. It’s the weekend.

We  have updated Hattingdon’s website (hattingdon.com) and we feel the jewels in its increasingly glowing crown (wink) are its design galleries.

Three New Galleries

We have put dozens hundreds of Hattingdon’s hats into the following Gallery groupings:

Main Design Gallery See https://hattingdon.com/design-gallery.php
Classic Hat Gallery See https://hattingdon.com/classic-hat-gallery
Top Twelve Design Gallery See https://hattingdon.com/all-top-designs.php

The Main Design Gallery features samplings drawn from all of Hattingdon’s hats except Classic Hats. The new Classic Hat Gallery now houses those particular hats on their own. The Top Twelve Design Gallery features your favourite hats from last year (2018) according to social media numbers.

Because there are so many of you with so many types of devices, from the very old to the very new, we are going to talk briefly on how to access and navigate through our new image galleries.

Ways to view

We have put Hattingdon’s design galleries into a setting that is easy to access and navigate for just about whatever you’ve got, whether you have an old desktop or the latest and greatest laptop or phone, whether it’s smart or not so smart!

Moving through the Gallery images

Firstly, you can scroll a Gallery page and simply view the thumbnail images. OR you can enlarge just the ones you want to view in a larger format, close them again and resume scrolling up and down the Gallery page.

Once you have selected (clicked / touched) an image — from that point you can also start viewing the Gallery in slideshow format.

Once you are in slideshow format, touch to the left or right of the slide to move back and forth through the slideshow. Or click on prev and next in the upper corners. When you are through, touch or click close in the bottom right corner.

The name of the hat design is in the lower left corner.

Size Matters

If you have a touch screen, you can “pinch the images” to make them larger or smaller using your index finger and thumb. Tap the middle to return to the slide to its native viewing size.

A Mixed Bag

There all kinds of hats to view. Mrs Farrell has selected a mixed bag to show you in the Galleries, anything from the vintage era to ones she created just the other day. And knowing her, these Galleries will continue to change and grow.

We’ve become a bit obsessed and keep going over to the website to have another look around to see if she’s been up to anything!

Navigating the Website

The website is very easy to navigate. There’s a “back to the top” link at the bottom of every page. Also, whenever you are through with a page click or tap Hattingdon’s nose logo top lefthand corner to return home. This can come in very handy. Wink.


Once you go over there and start experimenting with the Galleries you will find your own individual comfort level. In the meantime, if you have any questions or issues . . . or suggestions, let us have them.

Last updated 3/21/19 11:41am

Hattingdon Horses

©Vivian Grant Farrell, the creator, designer and owner of Hattingdon® Horses.

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