Vivian’s Fave Hats: X Y Z

We made it. Hooray.

We have no hats beginning with the letter X. How about we get Vivian to create a hat and name it Xandra? In the meantime . . . . let’s wrap this up.

Classic Hat

This is a HUGE all-time favourite, as many of you will know. This classic hat is high up on everyone’s list of most beloved Hattingdon designs of all time.

Zara Hattingdon.
Zara Hattingdon.

Fashion Hat

Our fashion hat turns out to be a ballcap, named Zip. Love the creativity of this design. And again, another super all-time favourite.

Zip Hattingdon.
Zip Hattingdon.


We made it! Thank you everybody. You are all superstars.

Thank you to our followers and visitors. Most of all, a huge thank you to our fun and nutty, super-talented creator and designer of Hattingdon Horses.

We are taking a breather, and will be back with you next week.

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Vivian’s Fave Hats: U V W

This has been an amazing project. We have one more post following this one, and that will complete the alphabet.

Again, Vivian has selected some very pretty headwear for us today. There is a bonus hat too. Let’s go!

Classic Hat

This hat is stunning. The colour combination is so chic, and we love the safari vibe.

Viveca Hattingdon.

Fashion Hat

This hat was created in July 2016 and is in the top twenty all-time most popular hats. It may even be in the top ten, which is amazing. Hattingdon has 100s of hats now, so there is a lot more competition.

Whitney Hattingdon.

That butterfly is still mesmerized by the button.

Bonus Hat

This hat hardly ever gets an outing and it is so darling and fun. It is goes way back to Vivian’s earliest days. It was so long ago she cannot remember the year. A good possible guess is 2010.

Vivian named the hat Vita. Vita is a feminine name derived from the Latin word meaning life. If this hat does not give you a “hatful of smiles”, nothing will.

Vita Hattingdon.

Where does she come up with these ideas? Hattingdon looks good in green doesnt she?

See you back here tomorrow with Vivian’s final picks.

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Vivian’s Fave Hats: Letter T

Greetings and salutations! We have three days left. Today we offer two lovely hats we hope will please you — a classic hat and a fashion hat — beginning with the letter “T”.

Classic Hat

Vivian selected the Taylor classic hat and we are glad that she did. There is something so chic about black and white.

Taylor Hattingdon Classic Hat. ©Vivian J Grant.
Taylor Hattingdon.

It is a timeless and ageless look, and would look deluxe in any colour.

Fashion Hat

This hat comes in so many colours it was nigh impossible to pick one. But we did. We decided to go with the fuschia pink.

Tracey Hattingdon in Hot Pink.
Tracey Hattingdon.

Vivian is so enjoying picking out her fave hats. She flagged a bit midway, but we kept her going. See you again soon.

We have two posts left. We will be choosing hats starting with the letters of either U, V, W and finally X, Y, Z. See you then!

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Vivian’s Fave Hats: Letter S

Greetings and salutations. There is some big time nostalgia going on here today. Both of these designs launched Hattingdon Horses, and made them the incredibly popular cartoon horses they became.

Let’s get down to business. Here are Vivian’s selections.

Classic Hat

When this hat was created all those many moons ago, neither Vivian nor any of the rest of us had any idea just how cherished the Savannah hat would become. Hattingdon Horses really began with Curtis, Savannah and Star, and of course, Belle. They were our Fab Four in our early years.

Savannah Hattingdon.

The Savannah classic hat is created in the most luscious shade of lipstick pink with three white lilies dancing across the across the front. Simply sweet . . . . adorable.

Fashion Hat

Then there was Star.

Star Hattingdon.

Star Hattingdon wears a black cowboy hat with a blue hatband, and a white star.

Curtis launched Hattingdon Horses and will forever be an icon. However, from the moment of his appearance, Star became a superstar for oh so many years, and is still going strong today.

Aren’t they great? Sigh.

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Updated 01.23.23

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Vivian’s Fave Hats: Letter R

Here we are again all friends together. Is it your first time being here with us? Whether you have been with us for a long time, or just discovering us, we hope you will stay with us a bit and enjoy Hattingdon, and that she gives you a “hatful of smiles”.

We arrive today at the letter “R”, on a frosty morn here in Louisville, Kentucky.

Classic Hat

Vivian has always loved the classic hat silhouette and has had a lot of fun designing for it over the years. Today the classic hat she selected features a row of “targets” across the front in rotating colors of red, white and black.

Robin Hattingdon.

We are not quite sure how she did that. It is a striking look though, isn’t it? We love it.

Fashion Hat

Now on to our fashion hat of the day. Design name Regina.

Vivian adores this hat. It has to be one of her all-time faves. Hmmm. It is more crown than hat. Well, never mind that. Here she is looking absolutely regal in her crown hat.

Regina Hattingdon.
Regina Hattingdon.

People of all ages love the Regina design, especially on tees and totes. Speaking of which, here is an update on shopping.


We are still overhauling our shop and will be posting about it as soon as we reopen. It seems likely, at this moment anyway, it may be a few more weeks. Nothing about it is difficult, just so time consuming.

Thank you everyone who responded so we can provide you with what you want in the reopened shop. Regards, Hattingdon & Co.

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Updated January 25, 2023

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Vivian’s Fave Hats: Letter Q

Greetings. We are almost in the homestretch. Only five more posts left in the series after this one. Even though it has been a lot of fun . . . . HOORAY!

As we mentioned, Vivian had only one hat design whose name began with the letter Q — out of all the 100s of designs she has created over the past 13, 14 or more years. Can you guess who it is? You “long timers” might know. (Hint: It is a fashion hat with a nautical theme).

Classic Hat

Since the one “Q” hat we had is a fashion hat, Vivian had to get busy creating a brand new classic hat. Wow, did she do a lovely job. She named the hat Quill. How fab is this hat?

Quill Hattingdon.

Vivian found the name Quill on one of those online baby name sites. You know the ones expectant mothers use to help find a cool and meaningful name for their baby? She certainly would never have thought of Quill as a possible name on her own.

Fashion Hat

Ahoy! Here is our solitary hat with a name that starts with the letter Q — a sweetheart hat (as Vivian calls this silhouette). As you can see, it is nautically inspired. Vivian named the hat Quinn.

Quinn Hattingdon.

Description: Quinn Hattingdon wears a nautically inspired sweetheart hat in a bold, dark navy blue. The hat’s wide, large, upturned brim is trimmed in red and white, and held in place by a large white anchor.

Five to Go

We have five days remaining, and ten hats. It will go like this:

Monday 23: Letter R
Tuesday 24: Letter S
Wednesday 25: Letter T
Thursday 26: Letters U, V, W
Friday 27: Letters X, Y, Z

Thank you everyone for following along with us. And thank you to everyone who has been helping Vivian with this project. You are all stars and have done a fabulous job.

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