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Hattingdon Horses® are cartoon horses with hat-titude.  Each Hattingdon wears a distinctive hat with its own individual name.  Like me there on the left. That's my jockey hat and goggles design, called Stevie.

My mission is to make you smile. I am a cartoon horse after all. A hearty chuckle or a full out laugh is even better. Let's have some fun.

Go to my A—Z Design page to view a nice big collection of my hat designs.

Check out how I got started at Hat-story. Who loves me and where do they come from?  Find out on this cool map.

When you're done, why not visit me at some of my other places:

Thank you for spending time here with me today. Please bookmark me and come back soon!

xoxoxo very small

Love, Hattingdon

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