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What are Hattingdon Horses?

Hattingdon Horses® are cartoon horses with what we call, hat-titude!

Each Hattingdon Horses® design features a unique hat and has its own individual name.

For example, that's Hattingdon you see there on the right modeling our #1 top selling design called Star Hattingdon where she wears a cowboy hat.

Since we began I have created nearly 300 different hats for Hattingdon. That's a lot of hats.

But as Hattingdon always says, "You can never be too rich, too beautiful or have too many hats".

What do you do with a Hattingdon?

Well, you wear them, display them and we hope have a lot of fun with them.

Hattingdon Horses® are specially designed with smiles in mind.

Or even better, a chuckle or a good old fashioned belly laugh.

We have a really nice selection of Hattingdon Horses® designs for you on a wide range of custom merchandise in our online shop at Zazzle.com, including clothing and gift ideas for the home and office.

Click on any design image or the Zazzle logo to browse our designs. Or click right here to get started.

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Vivian Grant Farrell
Creator, Hattingdon Horses
Est. Christmas 2007

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